The Truman Scholarship

Application Deadline for 2023 Nomination:  November 17, 2022

Students should Email ONSF Director Vin Moscardelli ( to access to the application or to learn more about this award.


Akshayaa Chittibabu ’19 (CLAS), 2018 Truman Scholar. (Bri Diaz/UConn Photo)

The Award

The Truman Scholarship is awarded to college juniors with exceptional leadership potential and commitment to a career in government, the nonprofit or advocacy sectors, education, or elsewhere in public service.

Scholars are awarded up to $30,000 to pursue graduate studies, receive pre-professional/graduate advising from the Foundation and are invited to participate in internships and other programs.

Please review all eligibility requirements and rules on the official Harry S. Truman Foundation website. Students should make an appointment with ONSF Director Vin Moscardelli to discuss their eligibility before requesting an application for nomination.

To Apply

You must be nominated by the University to apply for the national competition. The UConn application for nomination deadline for the 2023 Harry S. Truman competition is:  Thursday, November 17, 2022.


Recent Truman Scholarship Winners and Finalists from UConn

Irene Soteriou
2022 Truman Scholar

Shelby Houghton
2021 Truman Finalist

Sage Phillips
2021 Truman Scholar

Sena Wazer
2021 Truman Scholar

Harry Zehner
2020 Truman Finalist

Wanjiku Gatheru
2019 Truman Scholar

Susan Naseri
2019 Truman Finalist

Derek Pan
2019 Truman Finalist

Akshayaa Chittibabu
2018 Truman Scholar

Elizabeth Charash
2017 Truman Finalist

Abdullah Hasan
2015 Truman Finalist

Emily Kaufman
2015 Truman Finalist

Mary (Molly) Rockett
2014 Truman Scholar

John Giardina
2013 Truman Finalist

Colin Carlson
2011 Truman Scholar

Lucian Lafreniere
2011 Truman Finalist

Nicole Rubin
2011 Truman Finalist

Alexandra Kuenhle
2010 Truman Finalist

Valen Diaz
2010 Truman Finalist

Amanda Ploch
2008 Truman Finalist

Samantha Sherwood
2007 Finalist