Scholarships & Fellowships Open to Non-US Citizen Candidates

(Note:  The lists that follow are provided to give students a sense of what’s out there.  These links are not updated on a continuous basis, so students should expect to run across the occasional “dead link.”  The list is also not meant to be exhaustive.  Once you’ve browsed the lists below to become familiar with the offerings in various fields, you might want to conduct a more systematic search using one of the databases/search engines found here.)


Aga Khan Foundation-International Scholarship Programme

Postgraduate students from a developing country who have no other means of financing their studies. Only students who have not yet started their course of study are considered. (Preference is given to students under 30 years of age.)

AAUW Educational Foundation International Fellowships

Fellowships will be awarded to graduate female foreign students of outstanding ability who can be expected to give effective leadership in their fields upon return to their home country.

ADAMHA National Research Service Awards

PhD in areas of biomedical & behavioral research within one of the three institutes.

Agency for Health Care Research and Quality

Grants for Dissertation Research. For students in the social, medical, management or health sciences.

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf

Administering various awards for auditory-oral students who a) were born with profound hearing losses, or b) experienced a severe hearing loss before acquiring language. Applicants must enroll in a college or university program that primarily enrolls students with normal hearing.

American Antiquarian Society

Dissertation fellowships for conducting research using AAS library’s resources.

American Association for the Advancement of Science

10 weeks summer fellowships at the institution for environmental sciences and engineering.

American Bar Association International Legal Exchange Program (ILEX)

Grants for law studies.

American Cancer Society

Doctoral training grants in Oncology Social Work, graduate scholarships in Cancer Nursing Practice, and doctoral degree scholarships in Cancer Nursing.

American Council of Learned Societies

Grants for Chinese Studies. Fellowships are available for original research on Chinese culture or society. Language training and support for China specialists available.

American Council of Teachers of Russian

Administering many funds, especially for Eastern European students, in the fields of Communication, Journalism, Education Administration, Library & Information Science and Public Policy.

American Council of Learned Societies East European Language Training

Dissertation Fellowships for research on East Europe are available to students of the humanities or social sciences. Study trips may also be sponsored. Grants for summer training and study of any East European language (except Russian languages) in the US. Both for students and scholars

American Foundation for Aging Research

Fellowship Awards for undergraduate, graduate, & Ph.D. students of biology, cancer, biochemistry, or biophysics in the aging research.

American Institute for Economic Research

Fellowships to college seniors applying to graduate programs leading to a Ph.D. for research in the institution. Also, Summer Fellowships in Economics for undergraduates & graduates who may apply for stipends to participate in an 8 weeks summer program in economics.

American Institute of Indian Studies Fellowship Program

Graduates specializing in Indian aspects of academic discipline & for study in India.

American Jewish Archives Fellowships

For Jewish related research or writing at the archives.

American Museum of Natural History

Roosevelt Fund. Undergraduates& graduates for study of North America wild-life.

American Museum of Natural History

Chapman Fund. Undergraduates and graduates for research in ornithology.

American Numismatic Society

Undergraduates & graduates for summer seminars & research involving numismatics.

American Oriental Society

Fellowships for the Study of Chinese Art. Undergraduates& graduates, for the study of Chinese paintings. Applicants must speak Chinese.

American Philosophical Society

Phillips Fund for Native American Studies. Scholarships for graduates research on North American Indian linguistics & ethno history.

American Political Science Association Fellowship Program

9-month internship in Congress.

American Political Science Association

Foreign Student Travel Grants for APSA Annual Meeting. Undergraduates & graduates may apply for travel grants which are designated for foreign students to enable them to attend the APSA’s annual meeting.

American Research Center in Egypt

Ph.D dissertation from the fields of Egyptology, archeology, art history, humanities, social sciences and related disciplines.

American Scandinavians Foundation

Awards for graduate Scandinavian students to undertake study or research program in the U.S. Also awards in ALL fields for advanced study or research in Scandinavia.

American School of Classical Studies At Athens

Awards for Classics in Greece.

American Schools of Oriental Research Fellowships

A variety of grants for Middle Eastern studies in such humanistic disciplines as anthropology, archeology, Biblical studies, epigraphy, history and philosophy are available for undergraduates & graduates. Mesopotamian Fellowship for the study of Mesopotamian civilization and culture; Albright Fellowship for the study of the Middle East or Eastern Mediterranean; Barton Fellowship for archeological research at Jerusalem; Kress Fellowship for the study of architecture at Jerusalem; National Endowment for the Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship for archeological research at Jerusalem.

American Society for Microbiology

Fellowships in the microbiological sciences to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students.

American Society of Civil Engineers

Administering various scholarships for undergraduates and graduates who study or conduct research in civil engineering.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation

Scholarships and grants to graduate students for research and study in the field of communication sciences and disorders.

Atlantic Salmon Federation

Fellowships to graduate students for research in Atlantic salmon biology, management and conservation.

Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation

Scholarships for graduate studies in audio engineering.

Brown Library

Graduates, pre-, and post-doctoral study using the library collection (a collection of primary sources relating to all aspects of the New World).

Cancer Research Institute

Supports clinical trials that test novel therapies for advanced prostate cancer.

Center for Disease Control

For protectorates and young scientists.

Center for Hellenic Studies

Fellowships for Ph.D. and candidates with background on Hellenic studies. Use of the center’s extensive library.

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Internships for undergraduates and graduates for 10-week periods on the subjects of consumer health, nutrition studies of food additives, alcohol and public policy and children nutrition.

Charles Babbage Institute

Fellowships to graduate students whose dissertation will address a topic in the history of computers and information processing.

Countess of Munster Musical Trust

Awards for assistance in musical education. Applicants must be of British nationality.

DeKarman Fellowship Trust

Open to international students of any discipline enrolled in a U.S. university or college with special consideration given to applicants to the humanities. Undergraduates entering their senior year and Ph.D. students.

Dirksen Congressional Center

Grants for Research on Congress. Graduates & political scientists, historians, scholars of public administration or American studies may apply for grants for research on Congress, especially Congressional leadership.

Dumbarton Oaks

Grants to assist with scholarly projects in Byzantine Studies, Pre-Columbian Studies, and Studies in Landscape Architecture.

Early American Industries Association

Grants-in-Aid. Undergraduates and graduates for the research of American industry and early American tools and mechanical devices.

Einstein (Albert) Institute

Support for graduates & scholars conducting research on the history, characteristics, and potential application of nonviolent sanctions.

Electrochemical Society, Inc.

Scholarships & Fellowships to graduate students for study and research in the field of electrochemistry.

Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation

Grants for young artists working in the following areas: painting, drawing, print making, sculpture.

Entomological Society of America

Scholarships to undergraduate students majoring in entomology, biology, zoology, or a related science.

Explorers Club

Grants for undergraduate students for research in the natural science under the supervision of a qualified scientist.

Foundation Center

Administers many U.S. foundations and grants.

Freedom Support Act Graduate Fellowship Program 1996

Administering many funds, especially for Eastern European students, in the fields of Communication, Education Administration, Library & Information Science and Public Policy.

Geological Society of America

Grants for graduate students to support master’s and doctoral thesis research in geological science.

Getty Center for the History of Art & the Humanities

Postdoctoral Residencies. Recent recipients of PhD degrees in the humanities rewriting their dissertations for publication are eligible for these funds.

Grass Foundation

Fellowship in Neurophysiology. Fellowships to support Graduate students for study at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA for a summer research program.

Guggenheim Foundation

Awards for thesis clearly relevant to aggression & violence and human dominance.

Hagley Museum and Library

Grants-in-aid to graduate students for research in the collections of the library.

Hastings Center

Undergraduates & graduates may apply for 4-6 week internships to study biomedical ethics.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association

Internships to undergraduates and graduate students in the following fields: Environmental education, ecological research, and biological survey & monitoring.

Herb Society of America

Research of herbal plants.

Hoover Presidential Library Association

Fellowships for conducting research in the Library’s collections.

Institute of Food Technologists

Scholarships and fellowships for undergraduates and graduates who major or conduct research in the area of food science.

Inter-American Foundation

Fellowships for students from Latin America & the Caribbean. Candidates must have a demonstrated interest in the problems of poverty and development.

International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons

Scholarships for students preparing for career in various health fields. Applicants must be Canadian citizens.

International Reading Association

Offering a program of grants and awards relating to the field of reading and literacy for doctoral student to complete their dissertation.

International Research & Exchange Board

Fellowships for graduate study at the Master’s level in the following fields: Business, economics, law, public administration, education administration, journalism & mass communication and library & information system. Applicants must be citizens of Eastern European countries.

John Carter Brown Library

Short-term fellowships to doctoral students for conducting research in the library collections which consist of primary materials relating to the discovery, exploration, settlement, and development of the new world.

Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society

Grants for masters and doctoral students who study or conduct research in the area of home economics.

L.S.B. Leaky Foundation Grants

Grants to doctoral students for research in human origins, behavior and survival. Library Company of Philadelphia. Short-term fellowships for dissertation research in the library’s collection.

Medical Library Association

Scholarships & Grants to graduate students for study in library science programs.

Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

Scholarships for graduate students specializing in Jewish studies.

Mongolian Society, Inc.

Fellowships for students of Mongolian heritage to pursue studies in the U.S.

National Archives and Records Administration

Grants for postdoctoral and doctoral students to conduct a research in one of the Presidential Libraries.

National Federation of the Blind

Scholarships for students who have a sight disability

National Gallery of Art

Internships to graduating seniors and graduate students for participation in the ongoing work of the various departments in the Gallery.

National Institute of Justice

Fellowships to graduate students for research in criminal justice.

National Women’s Studies Association

Administering various scholarships, fellowships, and scholarships, intended to expand the possibilities of women’s studies.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Training internships to students who seek professional experience in environmental communications and education. Candidates must have completed two years of college study in Environmental / Science Education or a related field.

Organization of American States

Fellowships are awarded to carry out graduate studies in a field which promotes the economic, social, scientific and cultural development of the Member States. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of an OAS county (most of South American countries).

P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund

Grants for women from other countries for graduate study in the United States and Canada.

Phi Beta Kappa Mary I. Sibley Fellowship

Mary I. Sibley Fellowship. For an unmarried woman, 25 to 35, who holds the doctorate or has fulfilled all the requirements except the dissertation, and who plans to work full-time on research. In even-numbered years the $7,000 award is offered in French language and literature. In odd-numbered years the award is offered in Greek language, literature, history or archeology.

Resources for the Future

Dissertation fellowships for research related to natural resource and environmental issues.

Samuel H. Kress Foundation

Pre-doctoral fellowships to art history students.

Shenandoah International Playwrights Retreat

Fellowships for young writers to work with an acting company.

Sigma Delta Epsilon

Graduate Women in Science Fellowships. For female grads in the sciences.

Sinfonia Foundation

Research Assistance Grants. For research in Music. The subject of the research should be related to American music or music in America.

Social Science Research Institute

MacArthur Foundation Fellows in International Peace & Security. Dissertation and postdoctoral Fellowship. For graduates and doctors of physical and biological sciences, the social/behavioral sciences, and the humanities.

Social Science Research Council

Grants and fellowships for research.

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

Grants to support research related to sexuality.

Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues

Graduates studying sexism and racism.

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Awards for undergraduates and graduates whose studies are directed toward a career in exploration geophysics in operations, teaching, or research.

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students who study naval architecture or marine engineering. Applicants must be Canadian citizens.

Sons of Norway Foundation

Scholarships for Norwegian undergraduates and graduates who study American heritage or Norwegian heritage in the following fields: arts, crafts, literature, history, music, and folklore.

Soros Foundation/Open Society Institute

Administering many funds, especially for Eastern European students, in the fields of Communication, Journalism, Education Administration, Library & Information Science and Public Policy.

Spencer Foundation

For graduate and PhD research in any academic discipline with the dissertation topics relevant to education in its broader sense that includes cultural knowledge, socialization, and the production and distribution of knowledge.

Tinker Foundation

Grants for projects related to economic or environmental policy in Ibero-America, Spain, or Portugal. The project may deal not only with economic policy and governance or with environmental policy, but also with research training and public outreach associated with these areas.

UAS7 Applied Sciences Study and Internships in Germany

Applicants may be from any nationality, but must attend a U.S. or Canadian University to apply.  Study and internship as well as study OR internship options available “to experience the German approach to hands-on education at a member of UAS7, a consortium of Germany’s top universities of applied sciences.”

United Nations

Administrating many funds for students from developing countries in various areas. Applications are made by governments of the candidates’ home countries.

United States Institute of Peace

Dissertation scholarships to doctoral students for research in the fields of humanities and science.

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research

Students in all branches of Anthropology. The foundation particularly invites projects employing comparative perspectives or integrating two or more sub-fields of anthropology.

Whitney Museum of American Art

Helena Rubinstein Fellowships. Undergrads & grads of art history, esthetics and criticism.

Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library

Fellowships for research in the literary and museum collections. Available to doctoral students pursuing advanced research in the following fields: history, anthropology, archeology, art history, decorative arts, folklore, historic preservation, history of technology, social history, urban studies, and women studies.

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

Administering several funds for Ph.D. candidates in the areas of humanistic or women studies.

World Health Organization

For students whose subjects of study are in the various areas of public health, teacher training in health sciences, postgraduate studies in medicine and surgery. Fellowships are awarded to attend formal courses or to study the services and practice in other countries. Candidates should apply through the Ministry of Health of their country of origin.


Zonta International Foundation

Awards to women for graduate study in aerospace-related science and engineering. Apply through your college.