Hosting a Fulbright Visiting Scholar/Visiting Student Researcher

Fulbright visting scholars/visiting student researchers will come to the U.S. with visa sponorship from Fulbright, not UConn.  Departments will not need to submit an online DS-2019 Request for incoming fulbright visiting scholars/visiting student researchers.  Departments do need to encourage their Fulbright scholars/students researchers to check-in at ISSS, attend J-1 Scholar Orientation at ISSS and to otherwise be aware of the services provided by ISSS.


If your department will host an incoming visiting Fulbright student, visiting scholar or visiting student researcher, please email ISSS ( with the first and last name(s) and email address of your visting scholar/student researcher and the dates that your scholar will be with your department.  ISSS will add them to our scholar listserv and grant them access to our online portal so they can check-in at ISSS and sign up for advising appointments.


If your Fulbright visiting scholar/visiting student researcher is not being funded by UConn, departments will need to issue gratis appointment offer and submit a gratis SmartHR transaction in CoreCT to ensure that your fulbright visiting scholars are granted NetIDs and affilitated with your departments. Please submit the gratis SmartHR  transactionwell in advance of your exchange visitor’s start date. The SmartHR transaction requires the Exchange Visitor’s SSN. If the exchange visitor does not have an SSN, you will need to contact Payroll ( or for a Temporary National ID number that can be used in place of an SSN on the SmartHR Transaction.* See the job aid for hiring Special Payroll employees into Core-CT.pdf