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The Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships (ONSF) advises and mentors students at the University of Connecticut who are competing for prestigious, nationally-competitive scholarships and fellowships. ONSF is part of UConn Enrichment Programs and is open to all graduate and undergraduate students at the University, including students at the regional campuses.

ONSF's mission is to foster the intellectual and personal growth of students from all backgrounds who are applying for nationally-competitive awards. By incorporating faculty, staff, and administrators into the recruitment, endorsement, and advising processes, ONSF engages the entire university community in promoting the campus fellowships culture and celebrating the excellence of UConn students.

Interested students are encouraged to contact an advisor by pressing the “Talk to an Advisor” button below and filling out a brief in-take survey so we may best address your needs.


In addition to advising students about nationally competitive awards, ONSF nominates and prepares candidates for scholarships that require institutional endorsement, including the Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Beinecke, Goldwater, Udall, Truman, and Gaither Junior Fellows competitions, and those that incorporate some form of institutional endorsement or review into their selection processes, including the U.S. Student Fulbright grants, the NSEP Boren Scholarships and the Schwarzman Scholars program.

Upcoming Events

  1. Sep 8 Gilman Scholarship Info Session5:00pm
  2. Sep 10 Gilman Scholarship Information Session12:00pm
  3. Sep 10 Gilman Scholarship Info Session12:00pm
  4. Sep 15 Gilman Scholarship Drop-In Advising4:00pm

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