Deadlines by Month, 2021-22 (Nomination Not Required)

Eligibility Key (at time of application)

FR = freshman; SO = sophomore; JR = junior; SR = senior; G = graduate student or graduates

(Updated frequently — keep checking for more opportunities as they are announced!)

Applications accepted on a rolling basis

DAAD German Studies Research Grants (JR, SR, G) (May 1, July 11, and November 1)
Koch Foundation Dissertation Grants and Postdoc Fellowships (G)

Varying Deadlines

PHRMA Foundation Pre- and post-doctoral fellowships (G)
Smithsonian Institute Fellowships (G)
Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) Science and Technology Policy (STP) Fellowships (SR, G)


1: Methane Hydrate Science Research Fellowship (G) — Note there is also a February submission period.
15: NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (Political Science) (G) — Note there is also a January submission period.
15: John F. Kennedy Library Foundation Fellowships (G) — Several programs, with deadlines ranging from August 15 to November 1.


1: SSRC: Abe Fellowship  (G)
1: American Psychological Association Dissertation Research Awards (G)
9: NSF Science of Science and Innovation Policy Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants (SciSIP-DDRIG) (G) — Note that there is also a February submission period.
14: U.S. Student Fulbright CAMPUS Deadline (SR, G)
28: Schwarzman Scholars Program (SR, G)
15: DAAD EMGIP – Bundestag Internships (JR, SR, G)
15: TFAS International Programs/Leadership in the Americas — Early deadline for Chile Program; Hong Kong and Prague programs have later deadlines; see website for details.
29: Olympic Studies Center PhD Research Fellowships (G)
30: Lilly Library Fellowships (G) – Competition currently suspended


1: Glamour College Women of the Year (JR, SR) – 2021 competition restricted to community college students
1: Asian Women in Business Scholarship (SO, JR, SR) — Not funded for 2018.
1: Heritage Foundation Spring Internship in DC (JR, SR, G) — Carries a $2,500 stipend.  Fall internship deadline is June 18.
1: Ucross Foundation-Spring 2015 Artist Residencies (G)
2: Scoville Peace Fellowships (for Spring 2018; applications for fall 2019 will be due in January.)
2: K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award (G) — Nominations deadline; students must be pursuing a terminal degree and planning a career in higher education as of January 2019.
5: NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Program (G)
6: J. William Fulbright – Hillary Rodham Clinton Fellowships (G) Public Policy — Not currently accepting applications.  Link is to general Fulbright U.S. Student Programs page.
13: Gates Cambridge Scholarship (for US Citizens) (SR, G)


1: TFAS International Programs/Leadership in the Americas: Chile Program — Final deadline for Chile Program; Hong Kong and Prague programs have later deadlines; applicants are encouraged to meet the early deadline for all of these programs, which tend to fall 4-6 weeks before the final deadlines; see website for details.
1: Grammy Foundation-Grants in Music Research and Preservation Projects (G)


2: Gates Cambridge Scholarship (for non-US Citizens) (SR, G) — Note that for some courses of study, the deadline is in January.  See website for details.

January – July

Jan 17: History and Philosophy of Medicine Fellowships (G)
March 15: Women in Defense Horizons Scholarship (JR, SR, G)
June 1: Quad Fellowship by Schmidt Futures (SR, G)
June 30: U.S. Dept. of State Internships (for possible nomination Foreign Affairs IT Fellowship, deadline is in January.  See website for details.)
July 1: American Institute of Indian Studies Fellowship (G)


(Updated 12/13/2021)