Graduate Students

Applying for external fellowships is an important part of graduate education. Funds from a successful fellowship application will typically cover educational and living expenses while grants usually cover expenses related to specific projects. The application process in itself can aid both in clarifying the aims of a research project and in the cultivation of grant-writing skills.

As a graduate student you will also be able to find other forms of financial aid such as research or teaching assistantships that subsidize your tuition or pay a salary. It should be noted that ONSF does not assist students in finding these sources of funding.

For more information on upcoming fellowship deadlines, please view our deadlines page here. There are also several resources available to aid your search for funding, please check out our resources page.

International Students

Here are some resources that may aid you in your graduate funding search:


I’m a Graduate Student and a Student has Asked me for a Letter of Recommendation.  What do I do?

  • ONSF’s Resources for Faculty page provides links to several resources that may aid you in writing a letter of recommendation.


Fellowships Advisors

Vin Moscardelli, Director-specializes in Graduate Fellowships in the humanities and social sciences such as the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) fellowships, Smith Richardson Foundation fellowships and Mellon Fellowships.

LuAnn Saunders-Kanabay, Assistant Director and Fulbright Program Advisor – specializes in U.S. Student Fulbright Grant Program, Critical Languages Scholarships and fellowships focused on international affairs advanced research/study abroad.

Rowena Grainger, Assistant Director of Enrichment Programs for Research and Fellowship Programs – specializes in NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Department of Energy fellowships and NIH Graduate Fellowships.

Students are encouraged to contact an advisor by pressing the “Talk to an Advisor” button below and filling out a brief in-take survey so we may best address your needs.