Incoming Fulbright Foreign Students

The Fulbright program for incoming foreign graduate students revolves around the participation of many of collaborating partners in support of Fulbright fellows at the University of Connecticut. For general questions about the Fulbright fellowship program and the procedures of admitting a Fulbright fellow, please contact Meg Drakos (The Graduate School) at


The placement process for each individual is handled by many different contributing groups. These groups include the incoming student’s placement organization, whether it be the Institute of International Education (IIE), The Academic and Professional Programs for the Americas (LASPAU), or the America-Mideast Educational and Training Services (AMIDEAST) organization, The Graduate School, the applicant’s department of interest and the students themselves.

The IIE, LASPAU, or AMIDEAST organizations represent each student, and assist with their application process as well as coordinate funding opportunities. Once an application has been submitted, a placement specialist will contact The Graduate School on behalf of the student, to notify the University of a prospective Fulbright student. At this time, The Graduate School will notify the applicant’s appropriate department of the application and begin to track their admission status.

Admission Timeline

Applications Submitted: November-April

Departmental Decisions: Each department has their own admission timelines. Please use the link below to contact the department to inquire about deadlines/decisions.

Acceptance of Admission offers by Fulbright applicants: most by April 15

Arrival at UConn

Incoming Fulbright foreign students should review the pre-arrival information for all new international students at UConn available on the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)  New incoming foreign Fulbright students are also encouraged to attend ISSS “International Graduate Student Orientation” and to check-in with ISSS.  Visit the ISSS website for more information about ISSS Orientation.