UConn’s National Fellowships Incentive Program (NFIP)


The Graduate School, in collaboration with the Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships (ONS&F), is pleased to announce an incentive plan to encourage faculty to take a more active role in advising students who apply for prestigious, nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships. Faculty are eligible for up to $5,000 in rewards for mentoring students through the process of developing proposals and submitting applications for eligible awards.


Rationale and Goal

Many UConn students are promising candidates for individual fellowships, but many who are eligible do not apply. Faculty advising, mentoring, and support are vital to the development of quality proposals and successful applications. Therefore, The Graduate School has established an incentive plan designed to broaden and deepen faculty involvement in this particular form of mentoring and to encourage submission of high quality applications from students enrolled in disciplines in which individual fellowships are available.


Plan Description

The Graduate School will provide a monetary incentive for faculty advisers who mentor their research advisees through the process of applying for individual fellowships funded by extramural agencies or foundations. Faculty members whose research advisees apply for an eligible individual fellowship (e.g. NSF GRFP, NIH NRSA, Ford Foundation Dissertation Completion, etc.) will be awarded $1,000 from The Graduate School, which will be deposited into an unrestricted research account (Ledger 4).

To qualify for this award, the application must be reviewed prior to submission by the student’s program director or faculty mentor, who must verify to The Graduate School that the student’s application meets his or her standard of quality and/or competiveness. After the application has been submitted, the faculty adviser will provide an electronic copy of the complete application along with evidence that the application has been received by the granting agency or foundation. The $1,000 award is given for initial submissions only. While students are encouraged to apply for more than one fellowship, faculty are only eligible for one award per student per year, with a maximum of two awards for mentoring any single student over the course of that student’s career.

If a student’s application is funded, the faculty adviser will receive an additional financial reward of $4,000, deposited in his or her unrestricted research account (Ledger 4). For faculty to receive the $4,000 award, their advisees must provide permission for ONS&F to share their successful application with future internal applicants served by the office. Non-UConn students will not be allowed to review these successful applications. Applicants with concerns about proprietary elements of their proposal should contact ONS&F staff (onsf@uconn.edu) to discuss their concerns.



This plan is available to faculty advisers of students in any degree program discipline in which extramural individual fellowship funding is available. To be eligible for this incentive, the award must provide a stipend equal to or more than 75% of a nine-month UConn graduate assistantship at the level appropriate for the student’s status at the time the award begins (current amounts listed here). Applications for non-research fellowships, fellowships providing less than this minimum stipend, or for travel and other small grants, will not be eligible for an incentive award under this program. A list of pre-approved fellowship programs is available in the online application. However this list is not meant to be exhaustive. Faculty whose students apply for eligible awards that do not appear on the list of pre-approved fellowships may submit documentation of eligibility through the online application.


Application Information and Relevant Deadlines

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. However, in order to receive their reward, faculty must complete the online application and provide all required materials within 30 days of the date the student’s fellowship application is submitted.

To receive the application incentive ($1,000) the following materials are required.  These materials may be submitted to the following URL:  www.onsf.uconn.edu/nfipform (application opens on October 15, 2016).


  1. An electronic (*.pdf preferred) or hard copy of the completed scholarship or fellowship application, including all submitted statements.
  1. Verification from the faculty adviser that he or she has reviewed the application and believes that the application meets his or her standard of quality and/ or competitiveness.
  1. Documentation that the stipend provided equals or exceeds that of 75% of a nine-month UConn graduate assistantship at the level appropriate for the student’s status at the time the award begins. Note: This requirement is waived for fellowships that appear in the pre-approved list in the application.
  1. A statement from the student applicant granting ONS&F permission to share his or her successful application with future internal applicants, subject to the conditions outlined in the Plan Description.
  1. Verification of receipt of the application by the funding agency.


If the student’s application is successfully funded, the faculty mentor should send a copy of the award notice to onsf@uconn.edu in order to receive the additional $4,000 financial reward described in the Plan Description.


Additional Information Specific to the 2016-17 Pilot Program

This program takes effect October 15, 2016. The Graduate School anticipates funding all eligible requests, but reserves the right to discontinue or suspend the program subject to the availability of funds.

Fellowship applications with deadlines (internal for those requiring institutional nomination or endorsement; external otherwise) that fall before October 15, 2016 are not eligible for 2016-17 round of funding.



The Graduate School and Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships encourage all faculty to increase their efforts to advise and mentor graduate and advanced undergraduate students through the process of developing proposals and submitting applications for prestigious, nationally and internationally competitive scholarship and fellowships and to participate in this new incentive program.  Those with questions about the program or their eligibility are encouraged to contact ONS&F at onsf@uconn.edu, or to call 860-486-4223.


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